If You're Writing a Business Proposal

Using a fresh set of eyes from outside your business setting can help to make the difference in how your business proposal is perceived by its recipients. From basic spelling and punctuation to verification of primary compliance issues, PEP Writing Services can assist you with the final presubmission edit of your document. Why? Because when the future of your business is on the line, every word matters.

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If You're Writing a Book

"I would highly recommend Brenda and PEP Writing Services to anyone needing writing services. She does a thorough job. She has the expertise and a desire to help those she is working for succeed with the utmost integrity." —Nadine, bookkeeper (writing client)

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If You're Writing Industry-Specific Materials

Brochures, training materials, website content, and e-mail blasts are among our specialties. The team of editors at PEP Writing Services will follow your industry-specific style guides and unique wording, helping you to create consistent business communication that complies with industry standards. But we go the extra step: confirming phone numbers and addresses, verifying URLs and links, and offering recommendations for optimal content flow.

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If You're Considering Self-Publishing

PEP Writing Services highly recommends self-publishing your next manuscript. With the assistance of a professional team of editors, your finished book will affirm that you are indeed a published author. With self-publishing, you most often have greater royalty percentages, greater opportunity for continued growth, and the privilege of being the one in charge of how your own words and the spirit behind them are presented. At PEP Writing Services, we guide you, assist you, and equip you throughout the publication process.